Group Buy #2 Status Update

Miuni32 – Phew, the 2nd Group Buy has officially ended (although you could still participate through for the next 2 – 3 days). I am already in the talks with, estimated to ship in October of this year! 

Premium Aluminum Case for Miuni32Still waiting for the prototype. Unfortunately it did not arrive on time for the Group Buy #2 window. So I will have to figure out how to accommodate the aluminum case GB participants down the road. 

It was nervous 3 weeks or so and I am glad things have gone as well as it did!

My review of

I have been using for more than 3 years now. I initially started off with OSH Park because I loved the fact that they were in the USA close to my home, and that they had the iconic purple PCBs. However their cost became out of my budget quickly when the time came to scale to larger quantities. is the 2nd PCB maker I ever tried personally, produced all my Miuni32 PCBs through them, and I have not had any reason to try any other in the past 3 years.

Top 5 facts about PCB

  1. Based in China. Will get back to you later on this.
  2. Active on SNS – they actually active in that they take participate on Twitter
  3. 1 stop shop that uses quality components (as far as I can tell)
  4. No hidden fees. What you pay is what you see in the invoice.
  5. Quality. Never once was disappoi nted.

Top 5 Likes

  1. Efficiency. is based in China, and during their business hours, you will get extremely prompt responses via emails and chat. Daphne – I don’t know if she’s real, but she’s the overseer who’s always prompt.  I used my email 100% for the communication and exchanged some 70+ emails on a single order. They were always professional and extremely efficient.
  2. Their DHL shipping *literally* takes 2 days to show up at your door in the USA. The shipping cost is calculated based on the weight and volume, and I paid $84 USD for an order of 200 assembled PCBs that are about a size of a large cellphone.
  3. When things go wrong, they are always extremely helpful. Things go wrong. DNP parts could show up soldered. You may have found out an error last minute in your design. Let me tell you, they will literally go talk to engineers on the floor and find things out and send you back videos and photos to let you know what exactly is happening.
  4. They actually tested every single board at no extra cost. Granted, there is no way to tell if they actually did what they said they did, but judging by video and photos, at least they ran the test on some portion of the order. This is a huge relief for a first timer like myself.
  5. Communication (again). Things get lost in translation. I asked to get the scraped parts along with the finished boards, but they forgot. They found and sent it to me promptly at no charge.

Top 5 Dislikes

  1. None… perhaps I am just an extremely optimistic and positive guy. I couldn’t come up with 5 dislikes.. Let alone one…

Top 5 Recommendations

  1. Check your BOM, schematics and special requests one more time.
  2. Break down your process. I asked to get 3 bare PCBs to get sent to me before they went ahead and assembled 200 of them.
  3. Once the bare PCB checked out, I gave them a green light to go ahead and assemble the boards. Again, I asked them to send me 3 finished boards.
  4. Run prototypes. Before I submitted the big order, I ordered bare PCBs which costed a little less than $100 all in all, hand soldered the boards, and tested them.
  5. Check Chinese national holidays. I wasn’t aware their Thanksgiving holidays were like a week long.

Thanks for reading this far, and please consider using my referral code.

I don’t get any compensation for the referral other than that I get a small discount on the next order of PCBs from It will help me reduce development cost, but more than anything I wholeheartedly recommend their service.

Miuni32 Aluminum Case is coming!

Good morning everyone! This is Adam from The GB2 of Miuni32 is currently going on (only $35!), so make sure you get yours if you haven’t :).

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “Adam, but what about the case!?”. The answer to my question is usually this:

  1. Check out u/lxkhn and u/jolimon
  2. Go on your own way and make a case yourself

And now there is the third option:

  1. [NEW] Participate in GB for an over-the-top aluminium / corian case which u/Haaaaaandrew and u/Tesletron have been working on. More images here.

The exact details on the colors and the material have not been decided. So please come on over to the Discord channeland let your thoughts be heard. I am personally very excited for this development.

Price? It is not decided yet as well, but obviously the more of us participate, the friendlier it will become. One of the reasons why I reduced the price of Miuni32 PCB from $60 to $35 is so that we can put aside extra money on a case for it. So if you are concerned about the price of this aluminum / corian case, you already saved yourself $25 ;).

Miuni32 Delivery Delayed =(

Hello everyone!

The 1st sample batch had issues. With some adjustments, the 2nd sample batch is being produced by again.

My sincere apologies for this. I really wanted to ship them out this month, but at this point it is inevitably delayed.

As soon as I receive these samples, I will do another test and if everything is good, I will order the rest of the GB order. I should receive my sample batch in a week or so judging by the progress report above.

In the meanwhile, I have been making semi-regular updates on my Youtube channel (link above).

Miuni32 Sample PCBs arriving tomorrow!

According to DHL, I (actually, should be receiving the 3 pieces of samples of assembled Miuni32 PCBs tomorrow!

It was not without a hiccup, but generally has been extremely helpful and forthcoming with the progress thus far. So I thank them for their responsiveness and transparency.

Now all that I need to do is go see tomorrow after work, do an unboxing of the package, and test it out! Fingers crossed.

Next Up: Cases (sorry this is taking much time =(..)

Dimensions of Miuni32

Hello everyone! My sincere apologies for the lack of updates the past a few weeks. A lot has happened in my personal life (I won’t deny it haha). I need to own up to my responsibilities regarding Miuni32 and this post is the first step.

I have been getting a few inquiries regarding the exact dimensions of the Miuni32 PCB. I could draw up a PDF file with a bunch of numbers in different units, but I think it is better if you use .step file and get all the numbers you need! You can use AutoDesk’s Online Viewer (sign-up required) to look and take measurements of the PCB. Here is the link of the 3D file to the latest version of the PCB.

Up Next: Where to get *cases* for Miuni32