Miuni32 Rev.2 Status

The original estimated shipping of Miuni32 quoted in Group Buy #2 was this month. Unfortunately, we are past the first week of October already and I am still a few weeks away from receiving a few samples. I would love to skip this sampling process altogether, but because of the few changes I made, I would like to tread carefully. Things I have to verify include changes I have made
(let’s call this Rev.2)  to the original Miuni32 PCB design include:

  • ESD protection on the USB circuit
  • Improved 2U stabilizer location (Plate still compatible with Rev.1)
  • Update the logo and other miscellaneous graphics on the board 

I should be receiving a few sample boards again in 2 weeks. If all checks out then, I should receive the rest of the order towards the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

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