Miuni32 Aluminum Case is coming!

Good morning everyone! This is Adam from bigtuna.io. The GB2 of Miuni32 is currently going on (only $35!), so make sure you get yours if you haven’t :).

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “Adam, but what about the case!?”. The answer to my question is usually this:

  1. Check out u/lxkhn and u/jolimon
  2. Go on your own way and make a case yourself

And now there is the third option:

  1. [NEW] Participate in GB for an over-the-top aluminium / corian case which u/Haaaaaandrew and u/Tesletron have been working on. More images here.

The exact details on the colors and the material have not been decided. So please come on over to the Discord channeland let your thoughts be heard. I am personally very excited for this development.

Price? It is not decided yet as well, but obviously the more of us participate, the friendlier it will become. One of the reasons why I reduced the price of Miuni32 PCB from $60 to $35 is so that we can put aside extra money on a case for it. So if you are concerned about the price of this aluminum / corian case, you already saved yourself $25 ;).

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