Meet the Ingot

A high profile, top mounted, weighted case for the Miuni32 PCB! Brought to the world by u/Haaaaaandrew and u/Tesletron. 

Here are design features of the Ingot!

  • 7-degree angle
  • 3 layout options: full grid, 2u (left shifted), 2u (right shifted) [the plate in the renders only shows left shifted – actual plate has proper cutouts]
  • 3mm brass or copper plate
  • Massive brass or copper weight -Custom cut 3m bump on to span the bottom of the case (think m65-a style rubber feet)
  • Your choice of polished or raw brass or copper features
  • Support for R1 and R2 PCBs
  • Manufactured in the USA (plates may get cut abroad)
  • Expected kit price is $325-$425
  • Available colors (May change)  :
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Rose Gold
    • Orange
    • Purple
    • Blue

This case does not have a defuser so the PCB’s under glow won’t be leveraged by this case.

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