GarbageCollection Roof on Amazon

I’ve delivered a handful of roofs through GB. It was great to share a good product with the community. The roof not only accentuates the beauty of keyboard, but it is also extremely practical as it will shield your keyboard from coffee spills and dust, to say the least! Now I’m glad to share the news that they are available on It is cheaper than the price I was able to offer. So it is a good deal. I apologize for those GB participants who had to pay a little more, but paying for shipping both ways and covering Paypal fees added up! From what I have been told, the price of $35 for the roof and $10 for the shipping (from Korea) is an introductory price. And the regular price will be $45 before shipping and handling. So for those of you who weren’t able to grab the roof through my GB, please head on over to and get your own roof :). Roofs Shipped

All GarbageCollection orders have been shipped and delivered. It was probably the most painless GB I ran to date. I was just acting as a middle man, so it was as simple as receiving the orders and shipping them out. Of course, I must thank all the care and love GarbageCollection has put into this. The large box full of roofs was well packed for an oversea trip. Hope you all enjoy your roofs. And I look forward to the next round :).

New Roof in the Air

Guys, don’t worry. This is just something I have queued up for the next year. My focus is still 100% on the current groupbuy for Miuni32. There is so much fun to be had working with you all in the r/mk community. I just need to let it out there. Otherwise, I’d be lying to y’all :).

Anyways, let me talk about keyboard roof for a minute. I have been using two keyboard roofs (one for my Realforce 104u and one for my HHKB Pro2) from in Korea since the summer.

Back then they didn’t have international shipping, so there were a few things to figure out with the good fellas over at GarbageCollection. Overall though, it was a more positive experience than I anticipated: over the top packaging, very swift customer support, and top-notch quality.

The only downside was the shipping cost considering the price of the product.  Hence this groupbuy came was born. Together with GarbageCollection, I will be focusing on reducing the shipping cost for US / Canada. The roof itself isn’t expensive, but the overseas shipping (from Korea where the roof will be made) normally costs just as much. We can reduce the shipping significantly by bundling the orders together.

For now, take a look at a few videos I made below: