Final Design Submitted!

I tried to make the behind-the-scenes action as seamless, and smooth as possible. Unfortunately, the group buy #2 has been delayed. Only now I have submitted the finalized version of design files, after going back and forth with over the last few weeks. 

There are several reasons for this delay:

  • Initially, I was going to submit the design for manufacturing with only the minimal changes (artwork, stabilizer hole adjustment). As you know, I have added ESD protection chips (1 for USB D+/- (ESD122DMYR) and 1 for VBUS (TPD1E10B06)). I should have given this change in the electrical design much more foresight, as well as time. 
  • The price of $40 ($35 with coupon) does not give me a wiggle room for mistakes. Unlike the first group buy which ran last year, this price is significantly discounted. The logic for the discount was that the design was tried-and-tested. It was supposed to be as easy as clicking the “order” button. Unfortunately, I got ambitious and decided to improve the design as mentioned above. This means I must tread very carefully, as I have a very tight budget.
  • I have moved to a new place (yet again). Around this time last year, I was also in the middle of moving which caused a delay. Hopefully, this pattern does not hold up in the future ;).
  • Courage! I checked the changes multiple times. I hope I can say I have overdone it. But, to be frank, every change I make on the board makes me very nervous.

I must thank every participant for the patience. I apologize for infrequent updates. Let me try to be more transparent at least until the board ships this month.

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