Miuni32 with Cases From Friends


A big part in the big equation of group buy is the case. Miuni32 is a 30% keyboard. There is no such thing as universal case which is the case for the 60% keyboards.

However, I am not at all worried about this. Even though I know nothing about cutting cases, I have been fortunate enough to work with prominent members of the community like u/lxkhn, u/jolimon, and u/goosekbd who are simply wealth of knowledge and resources when it comes to making cases of different materials. I have padauk cases from u/lxkhn literally on the way at the moment! u/jolimon have been working on the cases that fit the latest PCB revision, and u/goosekbd is working on some amazing carbon-fiber plates.

Additionally, some of the OAs decided to not wait and began making their own cases. I have seen cases made of cardboard boxes, and even *LEGO* and 3D printed! This is exactly what I wanted to see. Miuni32 is extremely compact. It is very easy to create a custom cases regardless of material of your choice. I believe it will be one of the important features of the board :).

I took the liberty to include a few of cases shared by the OAs here:

Lego case from u/MrMontgomery:


Bamboo case from u/lxkhn:


3D printed case from u/that-canadian:


Acrylic case from u/jolimon:



I am glad I was able to write this post within a week since the last one. I hope to keep on writing the behind the scene of this project. After all, I am building a keyboard so I can write blogs while I am sitting in the transit. Like all of you who is reading my blog, I am quite busy with life, but this community is where I find myself calm, tranquility and excitement amid all the noise in this world. So it is too bad I don’t get more time to spend on this project. However, I am committed with all the energy I have. I have been getting helped by amazing people I met since I posted the very first Miuni32 revision. So it is almost there!

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