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I needed a place to keep all the bits and pieces of my work (mainly Miuni 32 Keyboard PCB at the moment). Hence I slapped this site together. I will be making frequent updates on development and progress of Miuni 32 PCB, as I explorer the world of mechanical keyboard. I believe it is still a niche world.

I feel very much like Captain James T. Kirk on USS Enterprise most of the time – the world of mechanical keyboard is still very much an unknown territory to me. It is fascinating to say the least. It is utterly ludicrous at times. It is hard to convince friends and family that there are people out there (including myself) who happily spends hundreds of dollars for computer keyboards.

I am not Mr. Spock. I am rarely driven by logical reasoning. That is just what I am at this stage of life. I can’t say *passion* is the motivation however. Passion is rarely logical and is uncontrollable emotion. I think that much is true. There is a sense of purpose in my journey however. Keyboard allows me to keep my illogical brain organized by expressing my thoughts and ideas into words. It may not be a passion. I don’t know yet. It is, however, a necessity.

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