Miuni32 Has Shipped

Finally all orders have shipped. I am relieved.

Every order has been fulfilled and I can focus on the next step of the project. I am super excited. Thank you all for your patience.

Very best regards,


Just a few of many boards sold

Miuni32 Delivery Delayed =(

Hello everyone!

The 1st sample batch had issues. With some adjustments, the 2nd sample batch is being produced by PCBWay.com again.

My sincere apologies for this. I really wanted to ship them out this month, but at this point it is inevitably delayed.

As soon as I receive these samples, I will do another test and if everything is good, I will order the rest of the GB order. I should receive my sample batch in a week or so judging by the progress report above.

In the meanwhile, I have been making semi-regular updates on my Youtube channel (link above).

Miuni32 Sample PCBs arriving tomorrow!

According to DHL, I (actually, ZealPC.net) should be receiving the 3 pieces of samples of assembled Miuni32 PCBs tomorrow!

It was not without a hiccup, but generally PCBWay.com has been extremely helpful and forthcoming with the progress thus far. So I thank them for their responsiveness and transparency.

Now all that I need to do is go see ZealPC.net tomorrow after work, do an unboxing of the package, and test it out! Fingers crossed.

Next Up: Cases (sorry this is taking much time =(..)

Dimensions of Miuni32

Hello everyone! My sincere apologies for the lack of updates the past a few weeks. A lot has happened in my personal life (I won’t deny it haha). I need to own up to my responsibilities regarding Miuni32 and this post is the first step.

I have been getting a few inquiries regarding the exact dimensions of the Miuni32 PCB. I could draw up a PDF file with a bunch of numbers in different units, but I think it is better if you use .step file and get all the numbers you need! You can use AutoDesk’s Online Viewer (sign-up required) to look and take measurements of the PCB. Here is the link of the 3D file to the latest version of the PCB.

Up Next: Where to get *cases* for Miuni32

Miuni32 Launching at 9AM PST TODAY

Miuni32 will be available via ZealPC.net at 9AM PST today (about 2.5 hours from now). Estimated shipping date is in September 2017. And *ONLY* 200 units will be available! So don’t walk, run :).

I will be making regular updates on the progress of the manufacturing, and behind-scene details via this blog and as well as my YouTube channel. This is personally a hugely exciting time, and I must thank everyone who helped me get this far.


Preview of the Final Version of Miuni32 PCB!

New – Miuni32 Open GB  Revision
Old – Miuni32 OA Revision

Here is the near final version of the Miuni32 brought to you by yours truly Adam, a.k.a Bigtuna. This has been slowly but surely coming for a way long time! It has been an absolute pleasure thus far and can’t wait to get the final version of the PCB out the door into the hands of all the mechanical keyboard enthusiast like me.

From the OA revision version, this Open GB version has a few changes:

  • 10 more RGBS
  • Through-hole USB port for better mechanical security
  • 2 extra mounting holes
  • M2 mounting hole size

Here is the render:

New – Miuni32 Open GB Revision Rendered with Components

Not much changes. Just a little improvement :).

Road to Aluminum Case for Miuni32

One of Miuni32 OAs u/notananthem has been working on an aluminum case for Miuni32 and it is looking extremely promising. Look at that 3D printed prototype case… it looks gorgeous as is… I love how he kept it aesthetically pleasing, while requiring only 2 sided CNC machining. Dope.


Miuni32 Video Review from Sam!

Dear Sam, I have never met you in person, but one of the reasons why I started Miuni32 project is precisely to reach out and connect with the big big world we live in! I appreciate your review and glad you are enjoying the board. The fun is just the beginning though. We haven’t even launched the GB yet :D.


Adam (a.k.a bigtuna)


Shoes and Keyboards

It all started with this 4 years ago. There is supposedly a correlation between the type of switch / keyboard one uses with his/her shoes. For example, red switch users apparently go bare foot…? Putting aside the science, the exercise of matching a shoe and a keyboard and posting on r/mk has withstood time and still a daily occurrence in 2017. So I tried it myself. There definitely is this strange satisfaction of photographing my best shoe, Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, with Miuni32 with a case from u/lxkhn.